I want to introduce Dalila !! I am soooo happy to be her new owner. Dalila aka Flying Monkey Bus originated in South Mississippi with an amazing family and a heartfelt mission. I am overjoyed to share this with all of you. After my husband, Shannon past away and COVID, I’ve felt very isolated and lost. As y’all know, the last few years in my life, I underwent several transitions: physical, emotional, mental, you name it. When I logged into to Facebook one day and saw that the Flying Monkey bus was for sale, I knew it was for me (perhaps a sign with her Air Force Blue). Prior to that, I remember going to the mall (driving 45 mins) and leaving frustrated and almost in tears because it was so difficult to shop, to gain a sense of my new style. I am a huge advocate for shopping local but being in Southern Maryland, it was a hike to get to DC or Annapolis. Here in Calvert County especially, there is an unbalanced amount of small boutique businesses'. There are retail shops in the area, but mostly big corporations (i.e. Ross, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls and none in an intimate or unique setting. More importantly, I noticed a want to bring people back together. My goal is to make everyone who visits the Flying Monkey bus feel beautiful, inside and out. I want women to visit and feel like they can have the opportunity to share who they are and be able to express themselves through their own fashion choice. If someone cannot make it to one of our events, I will go directly to them, especially those who are dealing with depression and anxiety or just want to try something new. Now, as a mother of two teenagers, I want to leave behind a strong, positive impression and show them how fearless I am. Flying Monkey Fashions Mobile Boutique offers curbside shopping where we will bring our ENTIRE boutique to you. We also offer at home glam parties which are girls’ nights where you and you friends can have some retail therapy at the convenience of your own home/party. We sell women’s clothing size XS to 3x. I would love to continue to support and collaborate with other small businesses in the area.